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Our employees are our most important resource. Their knowledge, competence and experience are vital for the technology, services and solutions we deliver.

Who we are

We are constantly seeking new technological advances and equipment to further enhance the efficiency and functionality of our Micro- and Mini-ROV vehicles. Most solutions in the market today require big vehicles. Instead we develop new technical solutions and build our tools in-house to solve the challenges our clients experience with a smaller operational and carbon footprint.

We take pride in being able to provide solutions where size or weight of equipment would otherwise presents an unsurmountable challenge to the project.
To deliver the best solutions within the market, we need the best equipment and the best people. It’s the combination of these factors that makes Stinger Technology one of the leading companies within the subsea market. We have the competency, the experience, the vision, and the courage to find the best solutions at any given time. We have the best equipment within our segment and employees who know how to handle it, whether the task be great or small.

This is how we ensure that we deliver smart, safe and sustainable subsea solutions.

What we do

  • Strives to be at the very forefront
  • Continuosly develop technology
  • Optimimize operations with Clients

How we do it

  • With our skilled engineers and drone pilots

    we strive to be at the very forefront of the latest developments within our segment. We are continuously researching and developing our technologies so that our vehicles and equipment is are of the highest -end quality at all times. We consistently invest considerable resources in new technology to continuously improve the capacity and functionality of our drones and our systems.

  • Our sophisticated remote systems and advanced technology

    provide a safe and reliable remote operation from land, significantly reducing the risk, cost, and climate emissions related to offshore operations. Our underwater docking stations provide our clients with the opportunity to execute long-term operations without manual intervention.

  • Our tailored, reliable and sustainable subsea solutions

    cover all the client’s needs and ensure and maintain continuity, productivity, and values. Availability, to our primary operational areas and to our state-of-the-art technology, as well as our control of our whole supply chain guarantees immediate mobilization and minimal downtime.

  • Stinger has standard equipment and specially designed tooling solutions

    available to meet the client’s specific requirement for each operation. At any given time, Stinger maintains an equipment pool, instruments, and spare parts. If necessary, we develop new tools or customize existing tools to carry out the operation in line with the client’s requirements.

What you get

Our employees are our most important resource. Their knowledge, competence, and experience are vital for the technology, services, and solutions we deliver. We are constantly seeking new technological advancements and equipment to be suitable for our Micro and Mini ROV vehicles. Since a lot of the solutions available in the market today require big vehicles, we develop technical solutions and build our tools in-house to solve the challenges our clients experience.

Our history

Stinger Technology AS is a privately owned technology company, established by Bjarte Langeland in 2003. From the very start, Stinger Technology has been a pioneer in technology development, design, and use of small, light and remotely operated subsea vehicles on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The technology, the ROVs and the equipment are developed, produced, and assembled in Stavanger. The firs resident ROV with 24/7 operational capability was delivered in 2012 by Stinger.


Tau Autonomy Center

Stinger Technology AS is one of eight owners and contributors to Tau Autonomy Center (TAC), established in 2020 to provide the industry with a site for training, testing and qualifying underwater and aerial autonomous drones.

The centre is suitable for both aerial and subsea drones and offers good facilities, surroundings, and conditions for testing and qualifying all types of remotely controlled technology.

Stinger uses TAC to test and qualify both our in-house developed technology and our client’s subsea equipment. By testing our systems and solutions at TAC we ensure that we’re always delivering products of the highest standards focusing on quality, safety, and environment.

Read more about TAC here

TAC Challenge

Stinger Technology is proud to host the TAC Challenge, one of Europe`s largest AUV competitions for university teams.

TAC Challenge is an annual subsea and aerial drone competition for university students from all over the world. The competition is a unique arena for testing new ideas whilst also executing community engagement by actively contributing to innovative technology development.

The competition takes place at Tau Autonomy Center in June each year,
 and runs over five action-filled days. During the competition days the teams will get the opportunity to test their equipment on real-life problems, challenge each other’s knowledge, and network with other students and organisations with similar interests to their own.

A panel of judges from leading industry companies serves as jury and mentors to guide the students through the process and missions.

TAC Challenge 2024 will host 180 participants from all over the world!

Stinger holds the sole responsibility for the entire event and the students will have to solve missions ranging from subsea docking, pipeline inspection, detection, intervention and manipulation, navigation and positioning, wireless communication and charging, and much more.

Read more about the TAC Challenge here

Ethics & values

We strive to abide by our values every day and in all we do. They shape the foundation of our organisation and guide us in our work and collaboration with others. We are brave, curious, and innovative. We have an open and transparent organisational culture and always hold quality and safety in high regard.


We rely on the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals to contribute to laying down a clear, constructive, and sustainable path for our organisation focusing especially on the following areas:

  • Health, work environment, and safety
  • Fair working conditions and human rights
  • Transportation and work-related travels
  • Energy usage and heating
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Consumption and volume
  • Documentation and supplier certification


Read more about our policies


HSEQ  pdf


Vision and goal

  • Vision

    Our vision is to become the preferred supplier of sophisticated subsea solutions based on in-house developed autonomous and semi-autonomous drones.

    Stinger Technology AS will be the leading supplier of innovative subsea drones and robotized solutions for offshore and energy operators and other related sectors. We focus on technological development, quality, and customer satisfaction, and will work continuously to improve our systems and solutions to accommodate the client’s needs.

  • Goal

    Our goal is to develop the smallest, smartest, and most powerful subsea drones in the market and offer the best subsea solutions for the offshore and energy sector alongside other marine industries. Our products and services are environmentally friendly, recyclable, effective, robust, and long-lasting.

    We aim to take care of the environment and our employees whilst creating growth and value for our clients. We are the initiators of the technology development without sacrificing our high standards and unmatched quality. Our goal is to be a contributor to the energy transition and make this transition as smooth as possible for our clients.