Sigurd Ranheim Henriksveen – Drone developer and pilot

Sigurd started his career as an electrician and has recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from NTNU where his main subject was electronics.   

For his bachelor thesis, Sigurd and his group made a prototype cloud-connected weather station with energy harvesting. Sigurd was responsible for the energy harvesting, designing the prototype in CAD, and the 3D printing of a functional model.  

During his last year of the BSc, Sigurd joined VortexNTNU where he could utilize his theory to plan and design PCB/circuit boards for a power system in an AUV. Being part of Vortex was an eye-opener for him regarding where he could see himself working. Despite being an electrical engineer who loves the smell of fresh solder in the morning, he really enjoys working with CAD, 3D printing, and mechanical gears which is why he sought out a career in a company like Stinger. 

In his spare time, when he doesn’t solder, he likes diving, motorcycling, backpacking, bouldering, and other exciting activities that life has to offer.