We are The Offshore Provider of light weight, smart and fast deployable underwater drones with semi-autonomous and autonomous characteristics. We focus on technology with a low environmental footprint for energy, telecom, aquaculture, mining and renewable markets.


Mini-ARROV cutting the cost and footprint

Underwater weld inspection is a standard operation to check for surface-breaking defects in structures. It involves surface cleaning and non-destructive testing techniques, such as alternating current field measurement (ACFM), to help inform engineering decisions and protect and extend the life of assets.

Stephanie Ă…gesen – Engineer / Pilot

Spring is in the air! This is a brilliant Monday to introduce the latest member of our crew who joined us in January, Stephanie! Stephanie started her career as a car mechanic but soon discovered a certain fascination with the offshore industry. After working in several physical fields such as rigging, scaffolding, and insulation, she was offered a position as Safety Officer during the Martin …