Kristian Auestad – Engineer

Kristian started his career as an automatician and has recently graduated with a master’s degree in Cybernetics and Robotics from NTNU.

During his studies in Trondheim, Kristian has been involved in many interesting projects, both on and off campus in connection with local businesses. Next to school he has held a volunteer position at VortexNTNU where he worked on a autonomous underwater drone used in competitions against other universities both domestic and internationally.

Kristian chose to go in-depth into robotic vision in his master thesis. His thesis focused on developing a stereo vision system for a passenger ferry known as milli-Ampere, a coming autonomous ferry operating in the Trondheim Canal. The goal with stereo vision is to provide depth estimation to objects captured by the camera. These estimations can further be used to avoid collisions, SLAM, goal tracking, and more. His thesis has provided Kristian with a strong competence within the usage of a camera as a sensor in robot applications.

Kristian joined Stinger in August after a well-deserved summer holiday and now holds the position as Project Engineer where he will be working on exciting projects for our customers.