There is hectic activity at TAC (Tau Autonomy Center) this week, where the student competition Challenge is in full swing.

The day began with a morning seminar where 60 guests from the industry heard from leading experts about the use of autonomous underwater drones. Afterwards, the guests could walk around and meet the various student teams and follow the competition that had started.

There have been both ups and downs for the teams. Some have had great success, while others have faced challenges. This is part of what makes this competition so exciting.

A major challenge is that the competition takes place both in a pool and at sea. This means that the students must consider both wind and waves when designing and testing their projects. It requires a lot of adaptation and creativity.

There is intense activity in the tents. Soldering irons and 3D printers are running almost non-stop. The students are very engaged and are not deterred by small problems.

Thursday is the final competition day, where we will see the teams’ final solutions. It will be exciting to see who comes out on top. The whole event concludes on Friday with an award ceremony, where we celebrate the efforts of all the participants.

It is clear that TAC’s Challenge student competition is an event that engages and challenges the participants to the fullest. We wish all the team’s good luck in the final stretch!

Interview with Truls from Stinger