Thruster guards and SS316 blades

With small drones comes some unexpected challenges. For Stinger, a challenge to our drones has proven to be the thrusters. Not for lack of power but their ability to resist damage from hard marine growth, abandoned fishing gear, and other things that can be sucked from the seabed. Our solution? Especially designed thruster guards for each thruster. By using thruster guards we reduce the need to replace thruster blades. We’ve made the design easy so that the installation process goes smoothly, and we 3D print them within our own workshop so that the demand is constantly fulfilled. For extra redundancy, we have designed and produced SS316 thruster blades.

Our drone’s thrusters are placed at two different angles, horizontal next to the canister and vertically to ensure uplift. Due to the placements, the thruster guards need tailored designs. We’ve had very good experiences with this solution keeping our clients happy and fulfilling missions speedily