Stinger participates in the High Arctic Ocean Observation System project

A new year and new possibilities! We’re moving further north than we’ve ever been before. Now we’re heading into the Arctic to surround ourselves with a new environment and new sounds!

This project is a part of The Green Deal proposed by the EU in order to reduce the carbon footprint and the goal is to be carbon neutral by 2050. The High Arctic Ocean Observation System, HiAOOS for short, is a network of multipurpose mooring stations that will be the backbone of the observing system to be deployed in the deep Arctic surrounding the North Pole. The network will provide measurements of ocean and sea ice data through testing in the coming years.

Stinger’s role within the project is related to collecting data and charging the docking station. Earlier solutions have included yearly deployment and removal of the complete measurement station whilst Stinger will contribute to a more environmentally friendly solution in terms of recharging and prolonging the mission time of the station. Further, Stingers technology can participate in easier access to the subsea- and under-ice data. To achieve this, we will build on our prior developed technology which is a result of an R&D project for another client. The project lead is Kjetil Ydstebø and the project owner for Stinger is Bjarte Langeland. For contact info, please see our ‘About us’ page.