Stephanie Ågesen – Engineer / Pilot

Spring is in the air! This is a brilliant Monday to introduce the latest member of our crew who joined us in January, Stephanie!

Stephanie started her career as a car mechanic but soon discovered a certain fascination with the offshore industry. After working in several physical fields such as rigging, scaffolding, and insulation, she was offered a position as Safety Officer during the Martin Linge Hook Up and later the Johan Sverdrup P2 Hook Up. This was now also a possibility to study alongside her work rotation further satiating her curiosity for knowledge in mechatronics. After completing a three-year study she applied for a position at Stinger Technology where the possibilities for learning and creating was not only encouraged but also readily available.

She accepted the offer from Stinger and moved from Vennesla in the south to the harsh coasts of Stavanger donning herself with equipment for a new adventure in the world of ROV’s.