Simon Lima Gr√łtting – Drone developer and pilot

Simon started his career by taking a diploma in industrial assembly and working as a professional for two years. He always had an eye for mechanical engineering, so he decided to build more competence by taking a Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Agder. He quickly gained interest in the electronic and programming part of the subject, in addition to the mechanical. For his Bachelor Thesis, Simon and his group made a fully functioning prototype of a Wireless Rail Travelling ROV for Interactive Underwater Observation, in collaboration with The Institute of Marine Research and the Restaurant Havets Under. One of the main findings in this thesis was the possibility of wirelessly streaming HD Video through the water.

After finishing his bachelor he started working as a Technical Project Engineer at Archer Oiltools, being responsible for various Plugs, P&A, Slot Recovery, Cementing, and Wellcleaning projects. Simon worked there for one and a half years before joining Stinger Technology at the start of this year.

In his spare time, he is into 3D modeling, 3D printing, in addition to sports, such as football, golf, and surfing.