Kjetil Ydstebø – Drone developer and pilot

Kjetil started out in the arctic with a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor studies and Arctic Nature Guiding, before realizing that engineering in the outdoor elements was the right path. From here he went on to safety and environmental engineering with a bachelor thesis regarding atmospheric icing on power lines. After completing his bachelor thesis he started to work for the same company where he had written his thesis now focusing on collecting ice measurements of the power lines.

After working on developing logging software and ice sensors for power lines, Kjetil moved on to research and development on Cinderella incineration toilets which are produced in the Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway. This included integrating robots and special equipment for use in production. On the side, Kjetil kept up ski touring on a daily basis.

Today, besides working for Stinger, Kjetil is looking for wind, waves, boulders, and hopefully, some snow in the area around Tou where he lives with his girlfriend and an Alaskan Husky named Hulda.