Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Health, safety, the environment, quality and security (HSEQS) play a key role in all our activities and operations. We are committed to promoting a strong HSEQS culture and to protecting the health, safety and welfare of our employees, personnel acting on our behalf and others affected by our business.

Guidelines, targets and incentives are set to ensure that we strive continuously to improve the safety of our work. We also regard personal responsibility as critical at every level of our business, and this is an essential part of our culture.

Policy Statements

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of everyone involved with our activities. Our aim is to achieve a safe and incident-free workplace, with high standards of environmental responsibility and pollution prevention.

We will provide a high-quality service which meets the expectations of our customers and stakeholders by delivering outstanding performance with the aid of competent personnel.

We expect an absolute commitment by everyone involved in our activities to accepting responsibility and to being accountable for ensuring compliance with this policy, our HSEQS management systems and applicable legislation.

Ultimate responsibility lies with our CEO. He chairs the board’s HSEQS committee, which ensures that the organisation is guided and resourced in ways which enable implementation and continual improvement of our HSEQS management system.

Key Commitments

  • Continually pursue the goal of zero harm to people, material assets and the environment.
  • Mitigation of foreseeable hazards through active risk management.
  • Ensure HSEQ is integral throughout the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal of our assets and services.
  • Provision of information, instruction and training that is relevant to a person’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Ensure sub-contract organizations manage HSEQ in accordance with this policy.
  • Continual improvement by performance monitoring and the encouragement of constructive feedback.
  • Promote a culture in which all have the belief and commitment to achieve our goal.

One Team, One Goal, Incident Free!

Management Systems

We seek to provide our customers with a quality of work and service which meets their requirements and expectations in a cost-efficient and professional manner.

An integrated management system has been implemented for health, safety, environment, quality and security (HSEQS), both to achieve this goal and to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards for safe and efficient operation.

We are fully committed to providing a service to our clients which enables projects to be completed on time, to budget, as specified and in such a way that no harm is caused to the workforce or the environment.