First wind project

Stinger Technology AS awarded a contract by a major energy provider.

The scope involves a feasibility study for the use onshore operated ROV inspections in offshore wind farms.

Offshore wind turbines move further out to sea to ensure stronger and more stable wind resources. These turbines are exposed to extreme weather conditions and must be kept under close monitoring. Stinger Technology has developed a system that enables shore based subsea inspections that will save the operator both time and costs. Onshore pilots control a Micro Remotely Operated Vehicle (MROV) through high‐speed network solutions and receives real-time video for instant inspections. The MROV itself is launched from the wind turbine or a nearby boat, but its small size and low weight makes this a manageable solution. Compared to traditional ROV surveys, this method will be less resource intensive, less time consuming, and more flexible. Onshore based pilots enable close interaction with specialists and customers teams to investigate and solve issues in an integrated operation. If problems occur, video live video stream is available, and the surveys focus area can be modified accordingly.

For more information, please contact Bjarte Langeland.