Collaboration agreement between Houston Mechatronics and Stinger Technology

Stinger Technology AS (Stinger) is a growing, innovative subsea technology and service company offering robotic underwater solutions. The goal is to become the go-to provider of light weight, smart and fast deployable underwater drones for resident applications with semi-autonomous and autonomous characteristics. Stinger specifically targeted intervention, maintenance, and repair (IMR) services for energy, telecom, aquaculture, mining, renewables markets as our technology will provide unprecedented value to these customers. We also consider our vehicle and associated software platform suitable for the defense market. The services provide customers the necessary data and manipulation capability to support maximizing production and improving asset value while minimizing their operating footprint, operating cost, carbon footprint, and offshore HSE exposure.

Houston Mechatronics, Inc (HMI) has developed and is now commercializing one of the subsea industry’s most interesting robotic platforms.  Aquanaut includes the capability of inspection and manipulation into one untethered solution and can operate in full or supervised autonomy mode making it a truly unique solution.

We are announcing that Stinger Technology AS and Houston Mechatronics Inc. (HMI) have entered into a collaboration agreement.  HMI will provide Aquanaut and the necessary services needed to target and execute inspection, repair, and maintenance operations within the Norwegian Oil & Gas market and Stinger will add Aquanaut capabilities to its existing IRM services business.  This collaboration will accelerate customers receiving a truly groundbreaking solution.

In 2021 Aquanaut will be in Norway finalizing product qualifications in order to be ready for commercial applications in 2022.

Stinger Technology AS challenges traditional and cost-driving habits in the industry. We are in a strong expansion, focusing on innovative underwater technology, with a low environmental footprint. We are now entering into a collaboration with Houston Mechatronics to introduce the groundbreaking Aquanaut technology for Underwater Intervention Drones in Norway. Houston Mechatronics complements our own robots / drones and through this collaboration we offer our customers a wider product range, says Bjarte Langeland, CEO Stinger.