Anna Maren Jørgensen – Drone developer and pilot

Anna Maren worked as a hairdresser in Arendal for 11 years, and became manager in the same company for the last five years of her employment, before making a change of career. She has always had an interest in mechanical constructions, and therefore, mechatronics was the right path.

Anna Maren was hired in September after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics at the University of Agder. The bachelor project was to build a camera installation containing a virtual ROV in the live feed, where the virtual ROV was connected and controlled to VR glasses. One of the goals of the project was to install fish detection for research usage. There were some challenges in relation to the installation of software to the equipment due to that the equipment was outdated relative to the installation codes that was available online. After a few tries and fails, the matching codes were found, and the project continued and was tested in the sea.

In her spare time, Anna Maren loves to go hiking and boating. She also builds things out of wood which is an interest as well as knitting.