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We design and manufacture a range of innovative solutions specially adapted for subsea use in the offshore oil and gas sector. Backed by highly qualified resources, we supply turnkey solutions and products for asset integrity and safety monitoring. These include studies as well as execution, installation, commisioning, operation and maintenance of all our systems.

We are focusing on lightweight and cost-efficient topside, subsea and subsurface monitoring systems, based on a set of niche products and services which can be tailored to meet a variety of specialised requirements. Our solutions provide real-time observations and early warnings which help operators to respond and thereby prevent risks from escalating. In this way, we make a positive contribution to improved safety and greater profitability for our clients.

Drilling and wells

Challenges are related to increasing complexity in the wells, with greater requirements related to technology and competence. Drilling and well operations entail a number of HSE challenges; great sea depths, need to recover remains in old reservoirs, aging wells, complex and demanding wells and facilities on the seabed, constitute some of the framework conditions.

We support our clients in monitoring and documenting the integrity of the barriers.

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Integrated operations

Integrated operations are a new approach to solving the challenges of having personnel, suppliers and systems both at the installation, on the vessel, at different offices onshore and in different countries at the same time.

Real-time transmission of data over large distances can be used to eliminate the physical distance between the offshore installations and onshore support organization, between professional experts internally and between the operator and its suppliers.

Our software development includes system design for subsea equipment and infrastructure. Communication setup for a distributed system including subsea nodes, offshore servers and onshore infrastructure. Shallow gas monitoring equipment and ROV operations over the internet.

The benefits of long distance remote control of subsea equipment and integrated operations include:

  • Improved Safety
  • More efficient drilling operations
  • Production Optimization
  • Improved reservoir and production management
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Increased regularity
  • Risk reduction through early warnings
  • Environmental monitoring

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Subsea monitoring

Asset integrity is related to the prevention of major incidents. It is primarily an outcome of good design, construction and operating practices. It is accieved when facilities are structurally and mechanically sound and perform the processes and produce the products for which they are designed.

We support our clients in preventing unplanned hydrocarbon releases that may, either directly or via escalation, result in a major incident. Structural failure or marine events may also be initiating causes that escalate to become a major incident.

Broader aspects of asset integrity relates to the prevention of environmental or commercial losses.

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ROV services

From seabed to surface Stinger is the player who possesses the best systems and expertise in the platform close operations. Both near and underneath the platform, we operate our systems. We provide surveys of drill cuttings several meters into the seabed, shallow gas leakage detection, detection of oil spill on the surface and much more.

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