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Collaboration agreement between Houston Mechatronics and Stinger Technology

Offshore Energy customers need progressively minded supply partners who are willing to challenge “Conventional Norms” in how services are provided.


Archimedes screws

The project team undertook the challenge of exploring the potential use of Archimedes screws as a means of propulsion for remote operated vehicles (ROV) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) on the seabed. Stinger has supplied the students with facilities for testing, materials and help with construction of the prototype.


Equinor contract

We are pleased to announce that Equinor has awarded Stinger a service contract to execute inspection activities on multiple offshore installations.


Contract award

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. have contracted Stinger for services related to planning and preparing site testing of an AUV equipped with a robot arm for performing subsea pipeline inspections.


Stinger contract award

Stinger Technology, the next generation subsea marine robotics company, has been awarded an R&D contract with Neptune Energy, for the development, qualification and field trials of autonomous inspection/ intervention subsea drones.


Underwater Intervention Drone (UID™)

More than 450 delegates attended the biggest ever single gathering of international subsea robotic drone systems for use in the oil and gas industry the 2.nd. - 3.rd. October at TAU close to Stavanger. In addition, aerial drones, subsea seawater injection and a floating wind power research hub was demonstrated.


Underwater Intervention Drone (UID™) technology demonstration days 2019

WEDNESDAY 2nd OCTOBER 2019, 10:00 – 16:00 | THURSDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2019, 10:00 – 16:00

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