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Contract award

Stinger is proud to have been awarded a contract by NOV providing instrumentation, power and communication solutions for the inshore full-scale testing of the subsea water injection Seabox™ module.


Success of the month

We are very proud to announce that Stinger ROV operation from Gina Krog was selected to be “Success of the month” by Statoil IMR Subsea Services internal newsletter. The credit for this must first and foremost be given to the management from Statoil and Stinger crew who delivered above and beyond what was expected.


ROV contract

Stinger Technology AS awarded Statoil test pilot for Gina Krog periodic structural ROV inspection.


Innovative robotic undervater vehicle

The new Stinger and Videoray ROV system provides a trouble free and maintenance friendly operation for short and long term deployments.


Little mothership

Little mother-ship solves big decommissioning problem.


NanoROV camera

Testing offline GoPro session vs online navigation camera inside a 9 inch pipe


Aliens of the deep

When inspecting deep water moorings for fish farming in a Norwegian fjord, we encountered a meeting with the alien of the deep, Periphylla periphylla.

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