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Our speciality is coming up with tailored solutions to problems posed by working subsea in confined spaces. Essentially a systems integrator, we can cover the whole process of creating a product or service from design to implementation. An able team combines hands-on skills with engineering knowledge, and is characterised by enthusiasm, honesty, openness and expertise. We do simple things well, and complex ones even better.

Stinger supports:

  • Team Norway Trial
  • Tasta IL
  • UiS Subsea (2015)
  • UiS Racing (2014)
  • Norsk Luftanbulanse


​We chose the name “Stinger” in 2003, when filing a patent application inspired by the “stinger-like” proboscis or mouthparts of a mosquito. Our challenge was to achieve a long, rigid pipe which could also be coiled up in a small box. We needed a free-floating machine which was capable of exerting a large downward force in operation. Imagine a small mosquito landing on your skin without you noticing until the “stinger” penetrates and the insect is having a feast at your expense. That provided the inspiration for developing the Soil Stinger technology and patenting it in many countries, launching the company on its journey to continued growth.

We now supply systems for safe and consistent offshore drilling and operations. But no matter what we do, we remember the little friend who began it all. That is because we truly believe that the future lies in making things smaller and simpler, rather than bigger and more complex. And if you think something small is unable to make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room.


Our success has been built on a number of core values. The first and most important of these is safety, which highlights the significance of safe operation and the commitment of our employees to putting that at the forefront of all our activities.​

Core values

  • ​Safety
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Curiosity
  • Innovation

Continuous improvement

Our overarching objective is to strive continuously to improve the way we perform, both as individuals and as a company, by monitoring our performance and encouraging constructive feedback. We will also seek to invest in training personnel for operating in areas where improvements can be made.  Continuous improvement is a key process in all parts of our business, and is essential for reaching both immediate and long-term objectives. This is also highlighted by our six core values, which include innovation. Active experience transfer by sharing information and lessons learnt are crucial tools for pursuing this important process. We value and seek to maximise the effect of experience gained both by our own organisation and by others. Participation in industry associations and sharing important safety alerts are part of our work in this area.


Our offices and workshop are located only a couple of minutes by car from the centre of Stavanger. We have access to a quay accredited to the international ship and port facility security (ISPS) code for vessel mobilisation and mechanical workshops nearby. For realistic equipment testing, we also have access to the Stavanger Offshore Technical Centre (Sots), including the Kalhammarvigå bay for subsea leak detection trials.


Helle A Botnen

Oceanographer/ MSc

Helle A Botnen

+47 92 48 30 73

Bjarte Langeland

Chief Executive Officer/ BSc/ Founder

Bjarte Langeland

(+47) 915 71 819

Stig Johansen

Chief Technology Officer/ MSc/ Associate Professor

Stig Johansen

(+47) 900 24 258

Christoffer Christensen

ROV Pilot / Technician

Christoffer Christensen

(+47) 404 78 377

Odd Egil Nerland

ROV Pilot / Engineer

Board of directors

Bjarte Langeland


(+47) 915 71 819

Roar Høgåsen


(+47) 915 44 729

Tor Albert Ersdal


(+47) 930 29 610

Øystein Huglen


(+47) 952 50 782